Call upon Allah! Dua is needed for our Ummah today.


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Our Ummah is in crisis, humanity is in crisis!

Such dis “ease” throughout our communities, all communities.

The abominations happening in places throughout this world, Burma, Egypt, Syria, all communities that are being oppressed, all communities that are surrounded by violence, everywhere! Violence, senseless violence is found all across the globe.

The news is so distressing, from the use of chemical weapons that resulted in the death of hundreds of people in Syria, many of them children, to the senseless killing closer to home.

Gunfire, murder just because some bored teenagers wanted to kill someone!

Gunfire, murder, school shootings, drive by shooting, gang shooting.

Gunfire, murder over a girl in a club. Gunfire, murder in that same spot and what was the fight over? A spilled drink!

Gunfire! Babies, shot in the head!

Rape, oppression…..violence. Mischief across all the lands.

Is there no more value to human life?

Among Muslims, true believers, the answer is yes. Of course. We value human life, after all we are the Creation of Allah!

We know that the senseless killing of one human being is a grave sin!

But, what is happening within our Ummah, right now?

Muslims are killing Muslims.

Ya Allah! Surely this is a sign of the coming of the Day of Judgment!

What can we do? What can the person who has no ability to provide physical or financial  help do?

The answer is very simple:


Dua is the answer. Dua is needed.

Do not let a day, not even one obligatory salah, go by without making dua for our Ummah!

We will be questioned about our actions and our non-actions! On that day, when we all stand before Allah, we will be asked about what we did to help, to intervene!

If we can do nothing else, we must make Dua!

As Muslims, we know that everything has been decreed, and we know that Allah is the Best of Planners, Allah, Al-Aleem . We surely do not understand all that is happening, we don’t have that ability. But we ask of Allah, we ask that He protect those believers who are being oppressed. We ask Allah to raise those believers who have died in these horrible atrocities in their station. We ask Allah to raise the station of all our brothers and sisters in Islam who endure His test with patience. We ask Allah to forgive us, forgive those who truly repent.

We ask Allah to keep us on the correct path.

We ask Allah to correct our affairs for us.

We ask Allah to deal justly with evil as He is Allah, Al Adl.

Dua for oppression, for unjust rulers, for the enemy:

Dua for when you meet an adversary or powerful ruler:

“O Allah, we ask You to restrain them by their necks and we seek refuge in You from their evil.”

Dua against the oppression of rulers:

“O Allah, Lord of the seven heavens, Lord of the Magnificent Throne, be for me a support against (such and such a person) and his helpers from among your creatures, lest any of them abuse me or do me wrong. Mighty is Your patronage and glorious are Your praises. There is none worthy of worship but You.”


“Allah is the Most Great, Mightier than all His creation. He is Mightier than what I fear and dread. I seek refuge in Allah, Who there is none worthy of worship but Him. He is the One Who holds the seven heavens from falling upon the earth except by His command. I seek refuge in You Allah from the evil of Your slave (name that person) and his helpers, his followers, and his supporters from among the jinn and mankind. O Allah, be my support against their evil. Glorious are Your praises and mighty is Your patronage. Blessed is Your Name, there is no true God but You.”

Invocation against an enemy:

“O Allah, Revealer of the Book, Swift to account, defeat the groups. O Allah. Defeat them and shake them.”


Dua! It is needed my dear brothers and sisters. If that is all that one can do, it will never go unnoticed by Allah. He will hear you. Dua!



2 thoughts on “Call upon Allah! Dua is needed for our Ummah today.

  1. Esharah Karamat

    Found this article while bro using. So very appropriate for anyone who is feeling the hurt and bewilderment of recent events. We all need to take a lesson from his (saw) life and character. Thank you for the reminder.


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