My prayer rug


I received a new prayer rug a few days ago and decided to use it today during my late afternoon prayer  (Asr Salah). As I unfolded it and spread it in front of me on the floor, I noticed how beautiful it was, how brilliant the colors seemed against the background of the throw rug where I placed it. I took a few seconds to admire it before I started my prayer.


I chose a design towards the top of the rug for my eyes to gaze at during my prayer to help my concentration and I began my prayer. “Allahu Akbar.”

I felt a comfort wash over me as I finished and I sat quietly on the rug, enjoying the calm, the colors within the rug, and the experience. I was mesmerized by the colors, the deep green and the brilliant gold threads woven through the intricate designs. As I sat and breathed it all in, I realized that I was experiencing one of the beautiful signs of our Creator, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

The signs of Allah SWT found in the beauty that He so generously spreads throughout creation. The beauty that we often pass by every day without stopping to appreciate it. The beauty that appears through the clouds, the forests, the valleys, the deserts, the plains, the streams, the mountains, and the seas. The beauty found within each living creature, and the beauty found in the colors of our surroundings.

As I looked up from the rug, I glanced around my living room. I noticed all of the colors that surrounded me in that small space. The deep red colors of the furniture, the various colors within artwork and decor. The colors found on walls,  on book shelves, woven within the woodwork, and the houseplants. Subtle colors, brilliant colors, sparkles, shimmers, and the variety of different shades of each color.


Colors that would not exist without the Generosity, Grace and Mercy of Allah SWT.


I walked to the window to watch the snow fall. I embraced the white, clean, bright new blanket of glistening snow covering the yard. I noticed all of the colors of winter. The gray leafless branches, the browns in the bushes, the bright red of the cardinal that remains here in the winter, the gray squirrels scampering across the snow, the dark sky and cloud cover filled with moisture.


My thoughts crossed the continents, to the colors and patterns found throughout. From the bold black stripes of the zebra, to the bright vibrant colors of a peacock’s plume. From the many vivid colors of tropical fish, to the brown patterns across the giraffe. From the leopard’s intricate coat to the butterfly’s wings.



The colors found in the early morning sunrise and the evening sunset. The colors of our lands and of our cultures.

It is said that it is best to learn about Allah SWT, our Creator, through His attributes, through His beautiful names. I was immediately struck by this amazing truth and ran to a book to look up some of the beautiful names of Allah, SWT. Many of these beautiful names, of these attributes, are found within the colors of this world.

None of these colors would exist without their Creator.



Ar-Rahim, The All Beneficient

As-Salaam, The Source of Peace and Safety

Al Khaliq, The Creator

Ar-Razzaq, The Ever Provider

Al-Azeem, The Magnificent, The Infinite

Al-Karim, The Bountiful, The Generous

Al-Wadud, The Loving

Al-Haqq, The Truth

Dhu-al-Jalaliwa- al-Ikram, The Lord of Majesty and Generosity

These Beautiful Names of Allah SWT, His Attributes,  are found within the colors.


The colors of creation are a gift to us from the Most Merciful, The Source of Peace, The Creator of all, The Ever Provider, The Magnificent, The Loving, The Truth, The Lord of Majesty and Generosity.

SubhanAllah      Alhamdulillah      Allahu Akbar



The hours passed quickly and as my next prayer time came in (Maghrib salah),  I again prepared by laying the rug beneath my feet. I stood still, located the spot that I would focus on during prayer, and again felt the calm surround me. “Allahu Akbar.”

Realizing that the signs of Allah SWT, His Beautiful Names and Attributes were surrounding me at that moment, my pray was focused, my concentration increased, and my thoughts were solely on my Creator.

When I finished my prayer, I sat quietly again. My thoughts turned to questions. How can one travel throughout their life without stopping, within the daily routine, to take some time in praise and gratitude of Allah, SWT? How can one not acknowledge Allah’s Endless Mercy, His Generous Forgiveness, and His Guidance?

The signs are all there, within our sight, within our reach.

“Praise is to Allah Who by His Blessings all good things are perfected.”


He is near!

More time has passed since I began this post. It is now time for me to complete the last prayer of the evening, inshaAllah (‘Isha Salah).

I will place the rug beneath my feet……Allahu Akbar.


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