Let’s redefine our status symbols

It is important for us, as Muslims, to be mindful and conscious of our goal to worship Allah SWT and Allah alone. And, to be accepted into Jannah in the akhirah, insha’Allah. Often, the desires of the dunya can pull us in the wrong direction. The dunya pressures of gaining materials, gaining wealth, gaining status can easily replace our desires for the Akhirah. We can redefine our status symbols to ensure that our desires are focused on the Akhirah and not the desires of the dunya.

The dictionary defines “status symbol” as: something, such as a possession or an activity, by which one’s social or economic prestige is measured.

When one hears the expression “status symbol” what or who typically comes to mind? What images instantly pop into your brain? Monetary wealth and dunya success?  Fancy Cars? Fame? Hollywood? Designer clothes? Glamour? The Red Carpet Crowd? Rock Star Life? Living in a “Mansion?” Super Stars? Sports Stars? Extravagance?

“Status symbols” are plastered anywhere and everywhere that we go. We see these “symbols” on billboards, on TV shows, on commercials, in stores, and all over the media.

“Do this”     “Buy that”    “Gotta have one of these”     “Dress like this”     “Look like this”

VERSACE      NIKE       GUCCI       BMW      $$$$$

BEAUTY (as media defines it!!)




 …on and on and on and on…..

We have a phrase for all of this stuff right? Desires of the Dunya!!

Some people can afford all of these “materials” and hey, good for them! It is ok to be wealthy provided that your wealth is gained purely with good intention and that you continue to give charity to those in need. And, we must remember that wealth does not ensure a life of ease and contentment!

For others, attaining these “materials” is unrealistic and the thought of not being able to have these “materials” can be depressing and can lead someone to acquire these “materials” in ways that are detrimental to themselves or to others. They may gain this “wealth” through haram actions, aka: Riba.

Advice: Don’t “buy” into Riba!!! It is a dangerous and evil concept!

For others…attaining these “materials”, these possessions, is of little importance. Attaining other possessions, attaining a different kind of wealth, a different kind of “status symbol” is of utmost importance. These are the “possessions” that I hope to obtain, Insha’Allah.

I am sure that you all have heard the old saying “you can’t take it with you.”

It is certainly true that you can’t take your $$$$ with you, you can’t take your material “possessions” with you. In fact, many people leave a big mess for their family to clean up. They have enjoyed all of their “possessions” and have left all of the debt incurred while attaining all of their “possessions” as a burden for their family.


What if I told you that you CAN take it with you! In fact, you will take it with you!

And, what if I told you that what you can leave behind will benefit your family and the entire Ummah!

 There are many “possessions” that we will take with us and we need be conscious of these possessions everyday. These possessions are what we will be accountable for on the Day of Judgment.

What are these possessions that we should strive to obtain?

We should strive to possess strong Iman, kindness, mercy, generosity, thoughtfulness, charity, faithfulness, trustworthiness, and to have lived a pious life.

Wouldn’t you want to “possess” these qualities? Wouldn’t you want to pass these “possessions” onto your family, your companions, and to your community? No burden, no debt left behind?

Let’s take another look at the definition of status symbol:

The definition of a status symbol is something, such as a possession or an activity, by which one’s social or economic prestige is measured.

Social or economic prestige?

Let’s assume that social prestige is simply how others view you, or how others define your “status”.  Simple enough, right?

The dictionary defines economic as: pertaining to the production, distribution, and use of income, wealth, and commodities.

Let me break down and refine this definition of “economic” to include:

  • “Production” as our continuing worship of Allah SWT throughout all of our daily actions. Our continued efforts in increasing our knowledge, our Iman, and our remembrance of Allah SWT.
  • “Distribution” as our Da’wah to Muslims and Non-Muslims as well as our on-going charity, however large or small it is based on each of our own circumstances.
  • “Income, wealth, and commodities” (our true possessions) as the ever plentiful and continuous Blessings and Forgiveness that we receive from Allah SWT as we continue to worship Him throughout all of our daily actions, along with all that he has allowed for us.

This economic system sounds pretty fair and just! Everyone who follows the prescription benefits from this economy!

EVERYONE! No elite, and no “poverty level” within this economy.

The dictionary defines “prestige” as: Reputation or influence arising from success, achievement, rank, or other favorable attributes.

Don’t you think we need to take a good look at our reputation, our influence, our achievement, our rank, and our other favorable attributes?

I ask you to take a good look at how you chose to live in this world….how we chose to live in this world!

 How is our “prestige” measured? We know the answer and we are accountable!

I ask you, Who takes an account of  our reputation, or our influence, or our success?

Who provides us our rank (our position)?


Allah SWT.

Subhan’Allah. How amazingly Perfect is He!

Allah, Al Wahhaab (The Bestower. Most Generous in giving plenty without any return.)

Allah, Al-Razzaaq (The Sustainer, The Provider)


We, as Muslims, need to redefine our symbols of status as it pertains to our Deen, and we must begin to place this newly defined social and economic prestige back into our Ummah.

 We must strive to “possess” the qualities of our beloved Prophet (SAW).

We must pass on our beneficial possessions onto our families and to the entire Ummah.

Let’s redefine our status symbols!

We have the tools!

Everything has already been laid out for us.

No need to purchase anything!

We just need to invest in our time , our actions, our “possessions” and our Iman.

We can easily do this by following the Qur’an and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (SAW).


Do you understand?

We can, and will, take it with us.

Have you figured out what IT is yet?

It is our record, our account, our book of deeds.

It is being recorded and it will be presented back to us so that we may be accountable for our actions. Let our status be intended for the akhirah!

Make your book a best seller!


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