Have you not seen the evidence around you?

Iman Booster 

“Tell Me!

The fire which you kindle, is it you who made the tree thereof to grow, or are We the Grower?”  (Suratul Waqia, 71-72)

Look around you and and see the signs of Allah SWT all around you.

Do this today!

The forest below, full of trees.

What signs are in a tree?

The tree provides a home for many birds and a variety of animals.

The tree provides us shade and a place to rest.

The tree provides us wonderful fruits for our sustenance.

The tree provides us shelter.

The tree provides us wood for fire.

The tree provides us wood for building structures of many kinds.

The tree provides us paper to write down our thoughts.

The tree provides our children with adventure and fun.

The tree, amongst many, provides us a beautiful sight as the seasons change from fall to winter.

The tree provides.

Who provides us the tree?

SubhanAllah     Alhamdulillah    Allahu Akbar


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