Hijama A Sunnah Practice

Hijama cupping therapy is a Prophetic Sunnah treatment of supporting the body to heal itself. It works by removing stale, stagnant blood and other pathogens through the skin. It is an organic and natural alternative to conventional medicine and can work hand in hand with conventional modern medicine.


Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was reported to have said “Indeed in hijama there is a cure.”

Hijama works by creating a negative pressure (using a suction pump and cup) in the area applied, thereafter, small superficial incisions are made on the skin and the cup is reapplied. It works as an effective pain relief and removes stagnant blood from beneath the surface of the skin. Thus helping to relieve pain and reduce congestion. It works in the opposite way to massage therapy, because during massage a great deal of pressure is applied to the surface of the skin, but the result of both therapies are the same.

Hijama therapy is not painful, the strongest vacuum may feel like a pinch of the skin.

Some of the advantages of Hijama:

  • Helps remove congestion
  • Increases blood circulation and boosts the immune system
  • A natural pain relief
  • Creates a negative pressure on the applied area, therefore relieving pain and pressure
  • Strengthens the memory
  • Removes impurities, toxins and other harmful pathogens from beneath the skin
  • Helps against poisonous bites and stings
  • Aids psychological disorders including depression, stress etc.
  • Promotes general well being
  • Can help to remove inflammation from joints
  • Stimulates the organs
  • Works as a deep tissue massage and strengthens muscle tissue
  • Energizes the body
  • Aids the digestive system
  • Increases metabolism
  • Cupping affects tissue up to 4 inches deep into the skin and muscle layers

Other cupping benefits:


Dry Cupping, sometimes referred to as Fixed Cupping, is a method whereby a vacuum is created between the cups and the skin using a suction pump. The cups are applied and left on the skin for the required amount of time needed for best benefit.

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Dry Cupping has many benefits:

  • Increases blood circulation
  • Acts as a natural pain reliever
  • Relieves congestion
  • Aids in the removal of toxins and other impurities through the surface of the skin
  • Stimulates the immune system to help fight off illnesses
  • Stimulates the body’s own defenses to prevent disease
  • Promotes general wellbeing.


Moving Cupping is a great way to stimulate blood circulation. It helps loosen stiff muscles and relieve pain. It is also very therapeutic and quite relaxing.

During a moving cupping session, oil is applied liberally to the skin and a cup is applied to the skin using a light suction and moved in long or circular motions, while keeping the vacuum intact. The light suction uses negative pressure and works in the opposite way to massage therapy, because during massage a great deal of pressure is applied to the surface of the skin. Both moving cupping and regular massage have the same health benefit results.


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Facial cupping uses smaller, more flexible cups to stimulate your skin and muscles.

The suction promotes increased blood circulation, which helps to relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair, and aid in other regeneration. Facial cupping can aid in skin tone, the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and increase elasticity of your skin. Facial cupping can help brighten your skin and helps with seasonal allergies, sinus drainage, and  promotes a healthy lymph system by relaxing and stimulating muscles and the draining of fluids. Another great benefit of facial cupping is that, during your session, any stress or tension that you’ve been holding in your facial muscles just melts away.

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